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just love these a lot

Guys, my shot is in this :D

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If I could take a moment of your time.

As you all know, I’m apart of the Stingray Allstars. Yesterday, one of my co-workers and coach was in a serious accident. He’s in critical condition. Thankfully, we woke up to hear that he’s still fighting this morning. 

Please, if you all will keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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#pRAYforChris  #pRAYforaRAY  #pRAY4Chris  #Stingray Allstars 
Anonymous asked: Who won smoed?


Smoed. (:

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Anonymous asked: Dd the panthers already win sth?


Panthers got 2nd!

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Medium Coed FINALISTS!

Gymtyme Platinum: 271.23
Spirit of Texas: 271.13
Cali Black Ops: 268.73
UA Prodigy: 262.17
Brandon Senior White: 261.6
American Cheer Flyers: 261.5
Woodlands Elite Black Ops: 260.73
Twist & Shout: 259.67
World Cup Odyssey: 259.5
Maryland Twisters Reign: 257.70

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#Worlds 2013 
Anonymous asked: What does babs mean?


Well, at my friend’s school it mean bad ass bitches :)

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rollandsnap asked: Wait.. Orange isn't small anymore?? What happens?


They’ve been medium all year :)

We just are blessed to have so many talented athletes at our gym! :)

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